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The concept was simple. Chloe’s Cookies was founded by Ken and Sheryl after an out-of-town visit with their sons. While traveling, they sampled wonderfully decadent chocolate chip cookies. Ken’s initial response: “I can beat that!” And he did!

Ken has a passion for cooking and continues to challenge the culinary norm, sharing his creations to the delight of all that know him. So it is not surprising that he has created a recipe for the most irresistible cookies! But don’t take our word for it. You be the judge.


So Who Exactly Is Chloe?

So glad you asked. Chloe is the wonderful 4-legged rescue that joined our family in 2013. She is a cancer survivor and volunteers as a therapy dog at the local children’s hospital and children’s advocacy center.  Chloe is filled with love and brings smiles to all that she visits, and so…

buy accutane 5 mg  Chloe’s Cookies is Sharing the love…with chocolate!


Read What People Are Saying About Chloe's Cookies...

Diana Gonzalez-Edmonds

DVM, Animal General Hospital

As a savory food lover it’s hard to get me to enjoy a dessert but Chloe’s cookies are difficult to resist. I tried to take only one bite of the Double Chocolate Chip Sea Salt and found myself going back for more until there was none left! I had the same problem with the Chocolate Chip Pumpkin!

Dwight P.

The cookies were awesome. I got a piece of 1 cookie and then had to run and when I got back they were all gone. The staff loved the cookies! You've got future clients here.

Kara J.

Chloe's Cookies are amazing! The Double Chocolate Chip Sea Salt was our office favorite. Peanut Butter, Ganache, Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip were definitely in the running for top flavor. They were just as good in the afternoon as they were warm in the morning.

Tisha G.

The cookies were absolutely amazing! You definitely have a star! The only thing I would say is “Glass of milk needed lol”.

Toddy K.

I wanted to let you know that both my husband and I think that this is the best cookie we've ever eaten in our entire lives!!! Truly awesome!!!

Dorothea H.

It was unanimous...all of us LOVED the cookies. The toughest part was figuring out which we liked best. (Mine was a three-way tie between Sea Salt, Maple and the Original.)

Kim E.

They were amazing and we would not change a thing. I like the sea salt, Ryley did too. Dan liked the oatmeal best. ALL were fantastic and we will be getting more!

Georgia R.

My daughters and I recently tried Chloe’s Cookies and they are everything a chocolate chip cookie should be. Crispy and chewy. Doughy yet fully baked. Perfectly buttery and sweet. We could not get enough of those cookies! Thank you to Chloe’s Cookies ! They are definitely our all time favorite!

Joan S.

Raspberry and Pumpkin: YUMMY!  A delicious mound of "chocolateness" with a hint of pumpkin and raspberry. Just the right amount of firmness on the outside, yet soft and tasty on the inside, the way I like my cookies.

Checked out your prices and they seem VERY reasonable.

Elaine G.

The Cookies!!!, we really enjoyed them. I had the chocolate chip and my husband had the chocolate chip caramel sea salt. I really liked the surprise soft chocolate center. Also, it wasn't overly sweet, it was a perfect balance. It was as if I'd eaten a chocolate molten cake with something extra! Definitely special.

Dan T.

The cookie pie was absolutely phenomenal. It’s better than I could have imagined. We enjoyed it all weekend. Thanks for making my wife so happy. I’ll definitely be ordering more through you guys - for personal use and for our company as well.  You guys rule. 😊

John T.

Omg. Those were the most amazing cookies I have ever eaten. It was a heavenly experience!

Brittany J.

The chocolate chip cookie will change your life!

Diane Tyson

Best cookies I’ve ever had!

Marla Z.

The cookies are delicious! Nice crunch on the outside, soft and brownie like on the inside!

Jay R.

Honestly the best cookies I've ever had!

Jennifer R.

These cookies are truly the most delicious cookies I've ever had! They are soft and chewy and overflowing with chocolate. Incredible!

Val T.

Just want to let you know how much my friends loved your cookies!!! They couldn't even wait to empty their mouths before calling to tell me how much they loved them! Thank you so much!